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A university for a changing world

When Brunel was awarded its Royal Charter in 1966 we were given a distinct purpose and an incredible opportunity. The campus was to be the home of technological education, championing innovation and advancement, and giving the UK the knowledge base it needed to compete on the international stage.

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Brunel University, UK

Education and student experience
Our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes will offer an inspirational education experience which instils academic knowledge, independent learning skills and the soft skills sought by employers. We will attract talented students from across the globe who aspire to learn and apply their knowledge to fulfil their lives and contribute to society.

Our students will be taken to the cutting edge of their subject through research-led teaching and experiential work-based learning and encouraged to embrace innovation and entrepreneurship.They will also be developed as individuals and global citizens and equipped to apply their knowledge, understanding and skills in the workplace.

Our staff will be renowned for excellence in teaching and for creating an outstanding learning environment which inspires curiosity and creativity and recognises the needs of the individual. They will work in partnership with our students to enhance their academic experience and opportunities to engage in a broad range of extra curricular activities.

The University will be recognised across the world as an engine of social mobility, attracting talented students from diverse backgrounds and enabling them to realise their potential irrespective of their social or cultural background.

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GAC GPA Major Duration Estimated Tution Fees(per year)
2 Business and Management 3 years 14,750 GBP
Business Management 3 years 14,750 GBP
Computing/ Computer Science 3 years 14,200 GBP
2 Computing/ Computer Science 3 years 14,200 GBP
Economics and Finance 3 years 14,450 GBP
2 Economics and Finance 3 years 14,450 GBP
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