National University of Singapore (NUS) – Engineering

National University of Singapore (NUS) – Engineering


The National University of Singapore (NUS) Master of Science (Maritime Technology and Management), or MSc (MTM) programme, is jointly hosted by the Centre for Maritime Studies (CMS) and the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM) at NUS Engineering.

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The programme aims to nurture talent who can lead change in the maritime and logistics industry in Singapore and worldwide, helping the sector to achieve greater digitalisation and technology innovation.

This is in line with Singapore’s development as a leading International Maritime Centre (IMC), centred on its vision to be the Global Maritime Hub for Connectivity, Innovation, and Talent, and a hub of excellence for shipping, port, offshore, and maritime-related businesses.

To achieve this, Singapore must leverage on cutting-edge systems and infrastructure to become a key node in the global maritime network. In addition, the industry has a need for strong innovative players and a talented workforce equipped with future-ready skills and a global mindset.

The NUS MSc (MTM) programme has been designed to equip our graduates with strong analytics expertise, as well as knowledge of the latest emerging port, maritime and logistics technologies. Students will be provided with opportunities to develop the key skillsets needed to enable next-generation maritime and logistics capabilities, in such areas as industrial systems development, big data analytics tools, and emerging port technologies (e.g. digitalisation to train the workforce).

As MSc (MTM) graduates establish their careers in the sector and form a strong alumni community, CMS and ISEM hope to be able to capitalise on these networks to promote further collaborations between industry and research.

Through these efforts, the MSc (MTM) programme aims to play a part in developing a strong maritime innovation ecosystem at local, regional and global levels.

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