Northeastern University

Northeastern University


In the early 1980s, Northeastern University created the nation’s first college dedicated to the field of computer science (CS). Today, Khoury College of Computer Sciences remains a national leader in CS education and research—continuing to break new ground to solve real-world problems.

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1979–1981: Northeastern assigns a blue-ribbon panel of educators and experts—including industry leaders from Bell Labs, UC-Berkeley, MIT, and Digital Equipment Corporation—to develop a strategy to advance education and research in the emerging field of computer science.

1982: Northeastern establishes the College of Computer Science (CCS), naming Director of Academic Computer Services Paul Kalaghan its first dean. The college opens its doors in Knowles-Volpe Hall (now the Knowles Center) with just 11 faculty members, most from the College of Arts and Sciences mathematics department, and 239 freshmen. The first undergraduate major offered is a BS in Computer Science.

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