University of Hertfordshire

University of Hertfordshire


The University is the UK’s leading business-facing university and an exemplar in the sector. It is innovative and enterprising and challenges individuals and organisations to excel.

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University of Hertfordshire, UK

As a twenty-first century, business-facing university, we’re committed to giving our students the skills they need to succeed in the global marketplace.

They leave the University of Hertfordshire confident, experienced and highly employable.

In 2017, the University of Hertfordshire celebrates 25 years of being a university and 65 years of delivering first class higher education.

Our history goes back to 1941 when Hertfordshire County Council entered in to partnership with the de Havilland Aircraft Company to train 15 and 16 year old aircraft apprentices. Then, in 1952, Hatfield Technical College was built by Hertfordshire County Council. We achieved university status in 1992 and are now focused on becoming internationally renowned as the UK’s leading business-facing university.

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GAC GPAMajorDurationEstimated Tution Fees(per year)
2Aerospace Engineering3 years 11,950 GBP
2Aerospace Engineering with Space Technology3 years 11,950 GBP
2Aerospace Systems Engineering3 years 11,950 GBP
2Aerospace Systems Engineering with Pilot Studies3 years 11,950 GBP
2Automotive Engineering3 years 11,950 GBP
2Automotive Engineering with Motorsport3 years 11,950 GBP
2Business3 years 11,450 GBP
2Computer Science3 years 11,950 GBP
2Creative Arts3 years 11,950 GBP
2Digital Communications and Electronics3 years 11,950 GBP
2Digital Systems and Computer Engineering3 years 11,950 GBP
2Electrical and Electronic Engineering3 years 11,950 GBP
2Electronic Engineering with Mechatronics3 years 11,950 GBP
2Mechanical Engineering3 years 11,950 GBP
2Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics3 years 11,950 GBP
2Technology3 years 11,950 GBP
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