Bangkok University

Bangkok University


Bangkok University is one of the oldest and most famous private universities in Thailand under the patronage of the Bangkok University Foundation. The University has operated since 1962 with A.Surat and A.Pongtip Osatanugrah’s resolution to found a non-profit private university as a center of knowledge to develop modern graduates with knowledge and practical skills to serve the country in the future.

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Bangkok University, a leading private university in Thailand, aspires to becoming a Thai educational institution with international standard, highly competent to shape the global citizens for the current competitive and fast-changing world. Despite many routes to one destination (as the old saying goes), we actualize our lofty dream to educate the future of the nation and the world by riding on the transcendent train of Creativity, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Internalization, widely known as BU DNAs. The grandeur of Bangkok University as a Thai university rightfully on par with many prestigious international universities copiously results from these DNAs which are professionally assisted by our high-quality faculty, laboratories of advanced technologies, modern classrooms, the state-of- the-art facilities, creative learning space, WIFI coverage campus, and many more innovative change agents. Such DNAs have exponentially paved the way for us to move forward creatively and, at the same time, confidently sour beyond borders to connect and collaborate with many and different renowned international universities and organizations. High quality education for competent and global citizens is but the sheer result from our unfailing endeavor. Thanks to “Creativity” that architecturally generates the unique and triumphant triad of “creative education,” “creative environment,” and “opportunities for creativity,” Bangkok University has been successful in creating the prolific link with world-class universities and organizations worldwide. That is why we are unanimously accepted as a creative university in Thailand and Asia.

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