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Coventry University London


The Coventry University London International Study Centre, based by the business hub of London, provides international students with a direct route onto a range of degrees at the University.

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Coventry University London, UK

Our programmes consist of academic modules, study skills and English language training to ensure that you have the skills to succeed when you progress onto your chosen degree programme.

A taste of university life
International Study Centre programmes will introduce you to the style of teaching and learning that you will experience when you progress onto your degree. You will learn via one-to-one tutorials, small seminars and as part of larger lecture groups.

Access to world-class facilities
As well as studying at our well-equipped centre, once you progress to the University you’ll also have access to an extensive range of facilities on campus, including the library and state-of-the-art subject resources.

By the end of your chosen programme you will be fully prepared for degree study and have the skills you will need to succeed at the University.

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