Flinder International Study Center

Flinder International Study Center


The Flinders International Study Centre (Flinders ISC) is dedicated to teaching students the skills and ‭knowledge that last a lifetime. ‭We are fully committed to ensuring you receive the best possible care and support while you are ‭away from home and creating a positive environment where you can learn to think independently ‭and graduate with a degree of confidence.

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Flinder International Study Center, Australia

Our courses provide the academic and English language foundation you need to successfully ‭progress into a degree at Flinders University, graduate with a world-class qualification and go on to ‭succeed in your chosen career. ‭ ‭At Flinders ISC we will help you to: ‭ ‭

Develop your academic knowledge in subject areas that are relevant to your chosen ‭undergraduate degree.
Learn key study and independent learning skills so that you can go on to study at Flinders ‭University with confidence.
Improve your English language so that you can take an active part in University lectures ‭and tutorials and get the most from your studies.
Adapt and settle into your new, exciting life in Australia.

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