George Mason University

George Mason University


Mason is a young university that, in just a short time, has made impressive strides in size, stature and influence.

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George Mason University, USA

We Are in Virginia. But We Serve the World.

Mason is committed to creating a more just, free and prosperous world. Located in one of the most important political, economic and intellectual hubs in the world, we accept our responsibility to serve others: to help our students succeed, enrich the life of our community, and contribute to solving some of the most complex global problems of our time.

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GAC GPA Major Duration Estimated Tution Fees(per year)
3 Accounting 3/4 years $34,370
3 Business 3/4 years $34,370
3 Civil and infrastructure engineering 3/4 years $34,370
3 Electrical Engineering 3/4 years $34,370
3 Information Technology 3/4 years $34,370
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