Hotel Institute Montreux

    Hotel Institute Montreux

    HIM’s reputation comes not only from our world-class academic programs and industry partnerships, but from our focus on complex human-centric skills. Because hospitality lives wherever people connect, a HIM graduate is prized in business, management and day-to-day life. Whatever path our students choose, they leave our doors with access to a global network and skills that prepare them for success in tomorrow’s world.

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    In addition to a rigorous academic program that teaches key industry skills through experiential learning, we emphasise a comprehensive set of human-centric skills that set our students up for a life of success.

    Our diverse student body is drawn to us by a passion for business, hospitality, and self-development. Here, they build their leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills through group projects and real-world immersion.

    Because our students are open-minded, culturally engaged, and have a depth of experience from our world-class faculty, they stand ready to assume leadership positions in whatever path they choose.

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