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Lancaster University


Lancaster University is among the top 10 universities in the UK and is ranked this way in three of the UK’s major university league tables. We have one of the safest campuses in the UK, where you can live, study and pursue your future career. Our new academic facilities are some of the best in Europe, and our college system provides personal support and an outstanding student experience.

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Lancaster University, UK

At Lancaster, we help you achieve academic success and gain a wide range of skills that will enhance your career prospects.

Teaching and research
Lancaster University is internationally recognised for outstanding teaching and research. During your degree, your tutors will help you to explore the latest findings in your subject and encourage you to achieve the highest grades possible.

Flexible options
You can study up to three subjects by choosing minor subjects alongside your major degree option. This allows you to explore a range of interests, and gives you a wider education that is attractive to employers.

Academic facilities & schools
At Lancaster, our brand new academic facilities are some of the best in Europe. Our faculties and schools are internationally important, and we regular invest in new high-tech facilities. We recently invested £26 million in our Chemistry facilities and equipment and our new Engineering building has high-tech workshops and laboratories. We have also invested millions of pounds in our outstanding library, holding over one million books. Our Business School (LUMS) is among the top 100 in the world and our Law School is ranked the best in the northwest of England.

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