National University of Singapore (NUS) – Computing

National University of Singapore (NUS) – Computing


The National University of Singapore (NUS) Master of Computing (MComp) is offered by the NUS School of Computing.

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In this day and age, the universal need for Information Technology (IT) and the crucial role it plays in the modern workforce is undisputed. Rapid advances are being made daily in the way we use IT to enhance performance and function, and there is a massive corresponding demand for tech talent in all industries.

To evolve with the times and manage this tech revolution, organisations are now employing 'Cybersecurity Engineers', 'UX Developers', 'Big Data Analysts', 'Digital Transformation Consultants', 'FinTech Specialists', and the like—new roles created specifically to meet current business needs. Yet, there just are not enough people with the skills necessary to fill these roles. To remain in the game, the best IT professionals evolve with the times and develop their knowledge and skills to take on these new challenges.

Whether it is to upskill, or break into the field of Computing, the MComp programme is designed to help its students and graduates achieve their goals. The programme offers five options to support a range of personal career aspirations.

Experience challenging, comprehensive curricula, informed by the latest innovative research by leading academics, at one of the best computing schools in the world. Gain an edge over the competition, and be well-equipped to pursue those long-awaited career opportunities.

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