Swiss Hotel Management School

Swiss Hotel Management School


Ranked third best hospitality school in the world and second in Switzerland, we combine the best of Switzerland’s rich hotelier heritage with tomorrow’s forward-thinking and innovative learning tools. We believe in the power of learning by doing. That is why we offer practical hands-on education across all aspects of our curriculum.

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Our school combines the best of Switzerland’s rich hotelier heritage with the innovative learning tools of tomorrow. With two stunning campuses located in French-speaking Switzerland, you will study in a one-of-a kind environment steeped in Swiss hospitality traditions.

Cultivating our student's skills by managing the various restaurants or spa facilities on campus, running events for real customers, or developing interior design concepts ready to be implemented in real-world situations.

Our students don't just learn the practical skills they need to become hospitality leaders – they also receive the qualifications that get them noticed by employers all over the world. 

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