University of North Carolin-Chapel Hill

University of North Carolin-Chapel Hill


Tar Heels spend their time at Carolina learning numerous things, but many also choose to serve in ways that have a big impact on the state.

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Since the formation of the GAA in May 1843, the GAA has served all of Carolina’s living alumni — now numbering more than 336,000. The association maintains detailed records on all of Carolina’s alumni. It sponsors class and affinity group reunions and Homecoming, welcoming all alumni back to their alma mater. The GAA’s Carolina Clubs provide programs for all alumni, and the doors of the George Watts Hill Alumni Center are open to all alumni, every day.

Since the late 19th century, the GAA has invited Carolina alumni to become dues-paying members, and GAA members enjoy a growing menu of member perks and services. Similar to alumni associations at the universities of Michigan, California, Virginia and others, the GAA is self-governed, and members elect the GAA’s Board of Directors.

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